Left Patella stabilization surgery chronic left knee pain

"Knee has been strengthened and I am able to run again. Saved me a lot of trouble as physiotherapy is at the gym downstairs or at home. Very convenient as I do not have to travel."

Miss Lim Zi Qi Zenn


Left Knee Replacement

"Fast healing. 7 weeks after the operation can walk and move around quite well. Ai Ni is very good. Her easy going way of teaching the needed exercises makes you feel comfortable and you can go on doing it without pressure."

Mr Stefan Peter Leu

Retired Hotel General Manager

Foot injury, partial tear of tendon, left foot tight Achilles tendon

"My foot is now so much better. It used to hurt every day but now nearly never hurts thanks to your physio and exercises. I would strongly recommend this service as it really did make a difference for me."

Miss Naia Corbett



"动完手术后,我的左脚没什么力,常离不开两支拐杖。在爱妮的细心教导下,我放弃了拐杖,在家可以摸着走,出门拿支老人杖,应该很快就能回复导不用拐杖的日子了。加上她是上门进行护理,省去了我出门的不便。爱妮每次都很认真地指导我怎样进行康复运动,非常专业。谢谢你, 爱妮!"

Madam Ng Tok Sung


Aching shoulder due to badminton tournament preparation

"At first I went to my doctor in the hope of fixing my shoulder pain which was ongoing for a few months. My doctor prescribed me with pain killer which did not help much. Then she asked me to try physio. I then called up Ai Ni who helped me fix my injured leg ten years ago. She helped me with physio treatment and taught me some exercises. The pain went away gradually over weeks and I am very grateful I am back to normal! After treatment, I was able to play at the Finals of company badminton tournament and win in the Women's Doubles Category! Subsequently, I was also able to participate in the Exhibition Match in the Mixed Doubles Category and we won too! Thank you Ai Ni for her patience and dedication in helping me!"

Mrs Lily Cheung Lee Lai Yee

Director of Global Sourcing

CS/6 Prolapse and Cervical Spondylosis, traumatic nerve symptomatic pain from injuries

"Lau Ai Ni has been the difference! She works with complete professionalism, compassion and expertise. Each session has improved my situation and given amazing support, which I needed so much. I can really recommend the company Onsite & Workplace Physio and the care is excellent. Exercises to follow have strengthened my neck muscles and reduced pain to almost nil."

Mdm Marguerite Maclean

Composer/Musician/Vocalist (www.musicforfunctions.com)

Post-Operation - Total (Right) Knee Replacement

"I've become more confident walking on my own without assistance, My movement especially at my knee is more flexible."

Mdm Wong Hin


Pain in the legs and the doctor insisted for me to do. Pain while walking (there is also a pumping sound while I walk).

"Since I started the treatment the pumping sound is much better. In my experience she is very professional and she does different treatment and every session there are new exercises according to my situation. She does not waste time and puts in a lot of effort."

Mdm Ida Fozailoff


Low back pain

"I can move better, not so stiff anymore, you really helped me! Thanks!"

Miss Katharina Johanna Jakob

Customer Service


"我生病多年,脚行动不便,经过专科医生的推荐,这位物理治疗师 Lau Ai Ni她为我物理治疗,现在我的脚行动有很大的好转,让我减少很多痛苦,现在可以自己走动了,不要别人扶着,我非常感谢这位物理治疗师,她工作认真。对病 人很关心,治疗时也尽心尽力位病人着想,她医术高明,特此表扬这位物理治疗师,全心全力为病人服务。"

Madam Low Peck Fah



"There are differences in service

- intensive individualized treatment

- progress

Very patient with her work and very understanding, and very caring for every movement for the stroke patient. She has a very good personality. I thank her on behalf of my husband for all the work she has done for him."

Mr Thoe Tack Loong


Labral tear of hip joint and foot pain

"Feeling much more relaxed and less tensed. More conscious about how to walk and keep good posture."

Mdm Huynh Kim Anh

Marketing & Sales

Surgery done on ankle

"I was using crutches. After physiotherapy, my ankle got better. At first, after operation, my leg couldn't touch the ground. After a few weeks of physio, my legs could touch the ground and I do not need to use crutches anymore."

Miss Clarisse Tan


Fracture L5 and T12 low back spine

"Punctuality - keep time"

Madam Ho Yun Wai (96 years old)


Rehabilitation of my 92-year-old mother following surgery after she fell and broke her hip

"My mother, through Ai Ni's professional help, is recovering both her strength and confidence. Through a carefully individualized schedule of exercises, she is progressing nicely. Ai Ni is always positive in her approach, approaching each session with a plan, and the appropriate equipment and exercises to move my mother along her recovery course. We are so grateful to have such a cheerful, professional and proactive physiotherapist who anticipates the next "step" in every way."

Ms Patricia Welch (daughter of Ms Shirley Jean Eichenseer

Art Historian, Author of Books on Chinese Culture

Spine L2 compression fracture due to old age (84 years old)

"Sis Ai Ni made a great difference to our family! My father can walk again. With her encouragement and patience, my father can go up/down staircase by himself and even go out for a car ride. Sis Ai Ni provides efficitncy medical knowledge and caregiver advices. Thank you for her friendly SMILE and SINCERE caring. We have a wonderful time during her service. With gratitude of her physio service! 感谢Sis Ai Ni陪伴我们渡过阴霾。。。 Thank you ONSITE & WORKPLACE PHYSIO PTE LTD."

Mr Au Yeong Yuen Hung


ACL Reconstruction

"Home service is really convenient. Minimizes the trouble of travelling without people accompanying. Ai Ni is very friendly and helpful. Everything is very professional. The equipment, stretching lessons and massaging make the whole sessions really worth it. She is also very good at explaining the muscles I have to work on. Thank you so much that I can resume walking and daily activities so fast."

Miss Chan Sipei

Video Editor

Ankle and knee injury + pain

"The consciencious and expert treatment brought about an amazing improvement to a long standing problem. Physio was a cheerful and enthusiastic professional."

Mr Christie, David Kinnear

Dental Surgeon (retired)

Spine degeneration. Had an operation.

"After one and a half year, I found that I have improved. Took out my catheter. Strengthened my arm and leg muscles and can now walk with a walking frame independently"

"From a scale of 1 to 10, I give Ai Ni a 9."

Mr Choo Chiang Sing



"本人多年颈背痛,经过物理治疗师Lau Ai Ni治疗后,我的 头就没有晕和痛,我非常感激她的治疗,特此表扬。"

Mr Lim Cho Kiat