Why Choose Us?

Individualized, Quality, Affordable and Hassle-Free Physiotherapy

    Individualized Physiotherapy - One-on-one consultation and treatment

  • No juggling of a few cases to see you and treatment is fully one–on-one
  • Our contact time with you is exclusive - right from initial assessment to treatment as we deliver your physiotherapy onsite hence you are the only patient we give our attention fully to
  • Quality treatment - Physiotherapists with full registration status with the Allied Health Professions Council

  • All our physiotherapists are members of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association and we are certified by the Allied Health Professional Council, Ministry of Health, Singapore
  • Affordable physiotherapy

  • Pass the saving to you because we are specialized in onsite physiotherapy – i.e. no rental and minimum administration costs
  • Save your travelling and transportation costs
  • Convenience and save your precious time

  • Hassle-free - we go to you, hence save your time travelling and waiting in the clinic
  • Save man-hour at work, hence you can be more productive and efficient at work
  • Busy individuals such as working adults, schoolchildren, multitasking mothers, elderly and individuals with physical limitation will benefit from the convenience of our onsite and workplace physiotherapy services delievered to your doorstep
  • Physiotherapy at the comfort of your home or your preferred location

  • Treatment and rehabilitation in familiar setting and at the comfort of your preferred surrounding would help improve your condition
  • In addition, your family or carer could observe and help to assist you with home treatment taught by our physiotherapist
  • No need to rush for physio appointments; our onsite physiotherapist will deliver treatment at your desired location
  • Our physiotherapists are specialized in onsite treatment and we have been treating patients and medical tourists at locations such as home, workplace, clubs, service apartments and hotels

We Bring Our Equipment To You!

    When we provide physiotherapy treatment onsite at home and workplace, our physiotherapists will be well equipped and will bring the necessary equipment and furniture to your doorstep. We bring along the following items depending on your conditions
  • Assessment and treatment bed which is height adjustable
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  • Electrophysical modalities and machines such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, traction, heat and cold pads
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  • Pain relief, analgesic and massage gel and lotion
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  • Tapes
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  • Exercise equipment and accessories such as weights, gym ball, balance board, cycle and step up block etc
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